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    Focused Science

    Our mission is to transform civilization through next-generation space situational awareness and world-class advanced manufacturing technology. With first light from our latest telescope in 2014, we have set course for new heights in engineering research and development.

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    Applied Optimization, Inc. fosters a culture of lifelong learning, including the acquisition of new skills. We offer competitive salaries and benefits alongside a meaningful career.

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    Check out our events calendar to learn where and when you can meet the AO team next.

Today at Applied Optimization, Inc. you will discover the cradle of tomorrow’s mathematics and science breakthroughs.

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Our Five-Step Collaborative Process

At AO, every project is completed through our Five-Step Collaborative Process: Verity, Focus, Timeliness, Discovery, and Solution. This allows us to explore premium innovations for each and every client.

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Bring Us Your Space Science Challenge

Dr. Tamara Payne and the AO-Team develop algorithms for the control of optical equipment and the collection, reduction and analysis of brightness data for astronomical objects. Our simulation technologies save time and resources.

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We Tackle Problems in Material Science

Dr. Anil Chaudhary and the AO-Team develop algorithms for the control of materials processing equipment as well as for the collection, reduction, and analysis of materials data for structural and engineering components.

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The AO Philosophy

“In the company, we’ve grown steadily seventeen percent a year for the last twenty years. Along the way, there’s always been financial stability in the company. Our guiding strategy has been, ‘If you seek profit, you may succeed. If you seek to be of service, you will profit.’” ~ Dr. Anil Chaudhary

“Applied Optimization is a family type of environment where we can roll up our sleeves and get into the difficult problems that are facing the country in terms of technology both in space and material sciences. We work on problems that other people have not been able to solve in a straightforward way.” ~ Dr. Tamara Payne

“My title is software engineer, but I don’t just sit at a desk and write code all day. I am constantly collaborating with both management and my colleagues. I’m also helping with the research and helping plan what we’re going to do for projects and developing and implementing the code.” ~ Shaylah Mutschler

“Working at Applied Optimization has helped me get experience working on lots of different projects. Everything I’ve learned, I write down and remember. You just keep adding things to your toolbox that will help you solve problems for the rest of your career.” ~ Derek Boone