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NAICS Codes: 541715, 541330, 541511, 541690

Applied Optimization, Inc. (AO) was founded in 1995 by Dr. Anil Chaudhary. From our original focus on advanced manufacturing to our recent aerospace engineering projects, our mission since day one has been to offer clients the right balance of non-conformity and critical thinking.

As a company of engineers and scientists, our passion for all things mathematics and science has literally opened doors for our clients in multiple industries and disciplines:

  • Mathematics and physics
  • Astronomy
  • Signal processing
  • Material science
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Structural mechanics
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Algorithm development
  • Scientific computations

AO has developed a unique Five-Step Collaborative Process through which we are in close communication with our customer to ensure we reach the goals of the project.



We believe in the law of causality—that every problem has a cause. We seek to find the root cause; therefore, we examine all known factors and search for all unknown factors. We seek to find the root cause because that is the source of the solution. The only sustainable solution addresses the root cause—beyond symptoms, beyond hearsay or supposition…pure facts.


It is during this step that AO identifies the process within the process. What we do in this step is separate “the wheat from the chaff.” We find clarity is achieved when we remove the symptoms and focus on the core issue. It is in this step, where we forge a path from the current state to the desired state in order to go to the next level. This step requires extraordinary discipline, never straying from the chosen path.


In every project, there is a business side to consider. We strive to meet all project deadlines and are mindful of resources.


We adopt an attitude of unbridled curiosity for every project in order to ensure no revolutionary insights are left untracked.


This step is challenging in today’s uncertain times. We deliver solutions that can be implemented in a time of increased threat and decreased budget. We strive for the “attainable” or “The Art of the Possible” as described by Otto von Bismarck.


  • Transition of space science algorithms to the operational community

  • Maintenance, custom development and technical support of telescope systems in Dayton, Ohio

  • Complementary telescope system in Australia for space science support

  • Transition of materials science algorithms to the industrial community

  • Commercial software for mathematical modeling of additive manufacturing: ISEP, ParaGen and SAMP

  • Commercial software for mathematical modeling of friction stir welding: FSWS

We hold memberships and affiliations with the following organizations:



American Astronomical Society, The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Astro Link [not pictured], Computational Astronomy & Astrophysics [not pictured], Dayton Defense, Greater Ohio Valley Women In Defense, Institute of Management Accountants, Society of Women Engineers

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