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Our mission is to work collaboratively to change the world. Here are just a few ways members of our team are doing that:




The Working Environment

“Working at Applied Optimization has helped me get experience working on lots of different projects. Everything I’ve learned, I write down and remember. You just keep adding things to your toolbox that will help you solve problems for the rest of your career.”
-Derek Boone

“My title is software engineer, but I don’t just sit at a desk and write code all day. I am constantly collaborating with both management and my colleagues. I’m also helping with the research and helping plan what we’re going to do for projects and developing and implementing the code.”
-Shaylah Mutschler

“Applied Optimization is a family type of environment where we can roll up our sleeves and get into the difficult problems that are facing the country in terms of technology both in space and material sciences. We work on problems that other people have not been able to solve in a straightforward way.”
-Dr. Tamara Payne

Pursuit of Learning

“When I hired on at AO, I wanted to pursue my masters. Dr. Chaudhary told me that school comes first, and he would work with me around my school schedule. He has lived up to that promise.”
-University of Dayton grad

“Until joining AO, I thought I would only be able to pursue my love for space as an avocation. Now I not only can combine my computer engineering background with space, but I am going to secure my master’s degree in aerospace engineering.”
-Wright State University grad