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Applied Optimization, Inc. takes seriously its responsibility of addressing the needs of its clients. In order to realize the full extent of our capabilities, and to ensure specific solutions for specific problems, we customize our technical solutions to customer needs. Our groundbreaking solutions are designed to provide results when utilized in a client’s day to day processes.

  • In space situational awareness, we develop algorithms for the control of optical equipment and the collection, calibration, reduction, and analysis of brightness data from man-made space objects in earth orbit.
  • In material science, we develop algorithms for the control of materials processing equipment as well as for the collection, reduction, and analysis of materials data for structural and engineering components.


The definition of optimization is the procedure used to make a system or design as mathematically effective or functional as possible. The science of applied optimization, along with simulation, form an area of engineering that sits between mathematics and computer science. It uses computational tools to solve important problems in engineering, manufacturing, and all branches of science.

Current concerns include the development and analysis of algorithms for solutions in implementations of:

  • problems of estimation
  • simulation and control of complex systems
  • implementations on computers

Applied Optimization, Inc. is particularly interested in highly nonlinear thermo-mechanical material optimization problems which involve computationally intensive function evaluations. Such problems arise in simulations with finite elements, in making statistical estimates, or in dealing with functions that are interdisciplinary in nature.

The sustainability techniques for numerical approximation through optimization algorithms is very important. What makes a formulation for the solution of a problem any more desirable than another? This analysis requires the study and understanding of the delicate balance between the choices of mathematical approximation, computer architecture, data structures, and other factors—a balance crucial to the solution of many application-driven problems. The result is an extraction of trends buried in the volumes of data generated by the computer model.


Applied Optimization, Inc. is a company of engineers and scientists. We perform interdisciplinary research in:

  • applied and computational mathematics and modeling
  • algorithm development
  • simulation for problems arising in pure sciences and engineering

We develop and implement the mathematics of systems in:

  • physics
  • astronomy
  • materials science
  • structural mechanics
  • manufacturing processes
  • signal processing

Our work is built upon interaction among mathematics, computer science, and other areas of computational science. We take pride in projects that utilize innovative computational methods to model, emulate, and solve important application problems. This blend of mathematics and computer science includes:

  • efficiency, accuracy, and stability of numerical computations
  • the development and maintenance of mathematical software
  • the effects of modern developments in computer architecture and networks

Space Situational Awareness

  • Space object characterization

  • Space Debris Analysis

  • Operate, Maintain, and Support Telescope sites in Dayton, Ohio, USA

  • Collaborative Hosting Agreement for Telescope In Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia

  • Optical designs and Implementations for spectral imaging

  • Anomaly detection and resolution

  • Automated Analysis of Architecture development


Material Science

  • Additive manufacturing

  • Thermal, CFD, and distortion predictions

  • Knowledgebase generation

  • Thermal and microstructure control

  • Closed-loop process control

  • Aerospace part replacement and repair

  • Friction stir welding


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